10th Dissemination

At the 34th conference of Inclusion Researchers (IFO-Conference) with the topic “Borders.Walks.Inbetween.Worlds” in Vienna, from 25th – 28th February 2020, the project consortium organized a … weiterlesen

9th Dissemination

At the conference of the DFG network MentEd (Mentalization-based pedagogy) “So_Be_Me. Social Learning, Relationship & Mentalization” in Ludwigsburg (11th – 12th October 2019) Dr. Bernhard … weiterlesen

8th Dissemination

From 4th – 5th October 2019, the well-attended cooperation conference with the DGfE Subdivision on Psychoanalytic Pedagogy on the topic of “Pedagogical Professionalization in the … weiterlesen

7th Dissemination

At the cooperation conference with the DGfE Subdivision “Psychoanalytic Pedagogy” in Kiel (4th – 5th October 2019) Dr. Jean-Marie Weber and Dr. Bernhard Rauh offered … weiterlesen

6th Dissemination

In the course of the ÖFEB-Congress 2019 “Presumptuous? On the Relationship of Educational Research, Educational Policy and Educational Practice” in Linz (17th – 20th September … weiterlesen

5th Dissemination

Presentation of the project at European conferences in Bologna. The project was nominated by the Erasmus+ National Agency DAAD for participation in two conferences in … weiterlesen

4th Dissemination

At the 3rd congress of the Internationale Gesellschaft für schulpraktische Professionalisierung (IGSP) (25th – 27th April 2019) Dr. Bernhard Rauh (chair and debater) and Prof. … weiterlesen

3rd Dissemination

At the conference of the Gießener Offensive Teacher Education (offensive of quality,…), 8th – 9th April 2019 at University Gießen Dr. Bernhard Rauh (chair), Prof. … weiterlesen