The university of education Ludwigsburg

Logo der PH Ludwigsburg

Since 1966 the university of education is in Ludwigsburg and it is the largest of the six universities of education in Baden-Württemberg with around 5,500 students and around 450 employees. The universities of education have the doctoral and habilitation law and are therefore equal to the universities. They focus on educational issues in research and teaching.
At Ludwigsburg University of Education, educational and extracurricular educational processes at all ages are researched, with a strong focus on didactic and educational research.
For interested persons of all professional groups dealing with educational, didactical and psychological issues (e.g. teachers, technical and management staff from the economy, education and social work), the Academy for Continuing Education e.V. offers different courses. These include qualification (contact studies and seminars), counselling (supervision, coaching, further education counselling) and educational offers as well as commissioned projects (consulting and / or training measures for company-specific qualifications).