5th Dissemination

Presentation of the project at European conferences in Bologna.

The project was nominated by the Erasmus+ National Agency DAAD for participation in two conferences in Bologna: the "Transnational Cooperation Activity (TCA) Fostering Erasmus+ Cooperation Projects' Impact and Cross-Fertilization on Social Inclusion and Civic Engagement" and the preceding conference "Bologna Process Beyond 2020. Fundamental Values of the EHEA", which focused on the topic of Higher Education Institutions (25th – 27th June 2019). The project pro-inclusive-reflective was represented by Dr. Bernhard Rauh. 

Surprisingly, the lectures and discussions focused exclusively on the topic of accessibility of higher education institutions. Second-order processes, such as the qualification of students or future professionals for inclusion and heterogeneity in their current and future field of activity, were not considered. 

Dr. Bernhard Rauh participated in Working Group 2 (The Role of Higher Education in promoting inclusion of disadvantaged categories and reducing inequality). The results of the WG were documented by means of graphic-recording, in which the ideas and the course of the discussion are visually recorded almost in real time (see graphic).