Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU)

The Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU) Munich is one of the leading universities in Europe with over 500 years of tradition. The university offers the broad spectrum of all fields of knowledge: from humanities and cultural studies through law, economics and social sciences to medicine and the natural sciences.
More than 700 professors and almost 3,900 scientific staff are currently conducting research and teaching in 18 faculties. Currently around 50,000 students, 15% of them from abroad, study in about 200 study programs. The LMU has great potential for innovative research and high-quality teaching in the individual disciplines and in the interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary combination of the various fields of knowledge. The LMU is very successful in the excellence initiative started by the german Federal Ministry of Education and Research. All applications submitted by the LMU (four graduate schools, four excellence clusters and the future concept LMUexcellent) were approved. In the first round of the Germany-wide competition to strengthen top-level university research, the LMU was successful in all three funding lines.
The LMU was also successful in the Quality Offensive Teacher Training, started by the german Federal Ministry of Education and Research, in the first and second round of grants. A Centre for Teacher Education (MZL) has been established. The LMU was also approved about 7.1 million euros for the second funding phase (2019-2023). The new application continues the subprojects of the last funding phase, but also sets new accents, for example, in the areas of inclusion and promotion of the teacher personality. A "Research Centre for Inclusion Research" (F!F) has been established. It based on the subproject BAS!S (basic knowledge inclusion and special education), which is in the Department of Education and Rehabilitation.